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PAM interfaces

PAM makes the most of your data – thanks to maximum connectivity

In complex workflows with many variables a structured, reliable data exchange is essential. Efficiency increases with the quality and quantity of available information.  And not only that: optimal intercommunication of all the sub-plants, people and external systems involved is also the key to processes that are safe and error-free. PAM by RÖSBERG gives you the ideal conditions for this – with flexible interfaces for the highest possible compatibility, plus its own powerful databases.

Direct communication

ERP connectivity

for practical data transfer

Via the connection to your ERP system, order data can be called up directly in the appropriate PAM input mask. This reduces duplicated entries and cuts the time-consuming maintenance of order, customer and delivery data to a minimum. PAM also transmits feedback to the ERP system, for instance on actual quantities loaded.

Fully linked to weighing system

Detailed integration of tank depot management

PAM provides a comprehensive connection to your tank depot – so that when drawing up the order you can already take all relevant parameters such as filling status, tank release status, and the temperature for density calculations into account.

Variable transporter and