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PAM for capturing the current state

The easiest way to capture data

Many facilities have often been operating for decades. A lot has changed over time: Rewamps, expansions, and control systems updates.

Documentation of these changes is often missing or incomplete. Knowledge of the actual system status is of great importance for efficient system operation and that is why field surveys are often the best way to answer the questions.

  • Which sensors and actuators are currently installed?
  • What are the points of failure in the facility?
  • What improvements can equipment bring?

To answer these questions, the current state of instrumentation needs to be determined. All assets, their serial numbers, locations, and information from the nameplates must be documented. Instead of a pad of paper, spreadsheets, and bundle of photographs, LiveFORMS offers an intuitive, organized, and simple way of recording actual data.

Use of forms in LiveFORMS

Simplification of data entry

You create your forms and checklists in LiveFORMS to record the current system status. In addition to free text fields, you can use selection options and even add images.

This means no more unreadable, handwritten notes, all information is recorded uniformly and clearly.

Personalised advice and finding solutions

Offer of personal counselling

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