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PAM batch production

configured and documented with perfect precision

Batch production makes the highest demands on technical plants and the responsible specialist personnel. Detailed instructions on the production sequence need to be precisely followed, and complete traceability and documentation of all relevant processes is obligatory.

The Plant Assist Manager PAM by RÖSBERG standardizes your discontinuous production processes by fixing all recurring production stages in digital workflows in unified form – without any media interruption.

Accurate down to the last decimal place

Automatic calculations:

With PAM, process-relevant calculations can be directly integrated into the sequence chain and carried out automatically there. You are also provided with individually adaptable forms. The usual standard documents in the sector, such as weighing slips and washing slips, are transferred to the digital world and their values are made available to all the systems connected to PAM. Consequently, calculation errors are a thing of the past – and all calculations are automatically logged.

Optimally prepared for the audit

– with continuous long-term archiving

What interventions were made in the workflow, and when? And by whom? PAM provides transparent traceability of all parameters and actions at all times. The software creates batch records in PDF/A Format, suitable for long-term archiving. The records can be subjected to an audit, marked and filtered according to the audit result. Later changes to the PDF document are prevented by digital signatures.

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