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PAM for filling and loading processes

Trouble-free, safe processes with total clarity of visualization

When loading or unloading liquid intermediate products and end products in the chemical and petrochemical industries, for instance, countless individual procedures need to be perfectly coordinated – from order recording, to the process control system, to the individual filling pump. With no errors and no margin for tolerance.

To ensure just that, the Plant Assist Manager PAM by RÖSBERG digitalizes and structures your complete workflow. The workflow is then rigorously worked through in continuous interaction with all process-relevant systems and interfaces. This gives you the possibility of checking the implementation of individual steps in the workflow, reacting to changes in the plant, and transmitting data and values to the process control system. And clear, detailed visualization on the terminal device makes the whole loading process transparent and traceable at all times.

Sequence chain with intelligent safeguards:

Step by step towards the goal

Is the ground clamp connected? Has the safety harness been attached?

PAM integrates into your workflow all procedures whose status can be checked, including via an OPC (DA/UA) connection to the PCS – from inerting to final filling level. PAM ensures more safety, because every next step in the workflow can always only be performed after the relevant feedback and go-ahead from the PCS.

PAM’s practically designed user interface gives you

everything important at a glance

With PAM you can comfortably monitor and control even the most complex loading processes –because as well as the workflow, the user interface can also show an operator display that is individually tailored to your loading process. All the parameters important for the loading process are on view: routing, pumps, values for pressure, flow and temperature, filling levels, warning signals, and much more. PAM also includes an alarm list modeled on classic PCS systems, enabling alarms that are relevant for loading to be viewed and acknowledged. Faster reaction times, plus a complete overview – you have all this with PAM.

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