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Safe, reliable, systematic

In the sensitive and critical areas where PAM is used, highest reliability is absolutely essential. Thus our system is characterized by state-of-the-art hardware components, ongoing software development and reliable automation security concepts. The system is very user friendly and can always be adapted to your most specific requirements and your production environment. So with PAM you are playing safe in every way.

The PAM Server

Professionally integrated computing power

In the dedicated PAM server, all data from the individual interfaces, e.g. ERP system, PCS or weighing system, flow together. For the core of our system we use high quality components, and a Next Business Day support service ensures maximum availability. So that you can fully exploit the advantages of PAM, we integrate the server optimally into your network structure in close collaboration with your IT experts. If you wish, PAM can also use already existing server resources.

PAM with Automation Security by RÖSBERG

Safety at work – for people and plant

for people and plant

The digital checklists of our workflow manager ensure that your work processes are exactly adhered to, thus protecting people, the environment and your plant from damage. Work steps are checked via an OPC interface in real time, and the subsequent steps are only released by the workflow manager once positive feedback is received. Additional requirements, like putting on personal protective equipment (PPE), are proactively queried and documented.

PAM ensures top-quality results in other ways, too: Warning signals and alarms go directly to the processing personnel at the filling point. Quantities for loading and unloading, and the tanks to be used, are compared by the workflow manager, and free inputs are checked for plausibility. Integration of barcodes, RFID chips or the “four eyes” principle can additionally help to avoid input errors.

Thus PAM ensures safety – especially for colleagues who are new to the job – and reduces the pressure on your control station. And continuous automatic reporting supports traceability.

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